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HAVE ALL REQUIRED EQUIPMENT to join us on a club run.


  • Fire extinguisher in proper working condition

  • Roll Bar and/or Hard Top

  • Seat Belts for Each Passenger

  • Spare tire, lug wrench, and jack to fit vehicle

  • Tow hooks front and rear

  • Tow Strap

  • Functional 40 Channel CB radio

  • First aid kit

Upper Coyote Canyon Trail     April 24, 2021   

Everyone Welcome

The Meet at Cahuilla Casino at Mountain Sky Travel Center, 52702 CA-371, Anza, CA at 9:00 am leave by 9:30
Bring lunch and plenty of water—might be hot. Trail rating: 2
14 mi. to trailhead from casino.  Trailhead to Bailey's Cabin about 7 mi.

Upper Coyote Canyon Trail:

Many of us are familiar with Coyote Canyon from Borrego (Lower Willows) but maybe not as much of Coyote Canyon from Anza (Upper Willows).   I’ve gleaned some information from a few websites to give some sense of the history and what to expect on the canyon trail from the top. Since I’ve not done a pre-run, I can only guess trail rating of 2 for Coyote and Alder Canyon and a possible 3 for Horse Canyon. This trail and the two spurs are all out and back. We might seeing flower blooming this time of year. 

Access is from Anza via Turkey Grade, a shelf road that has been cut by the Civilian Conservation Corps in as far back as 1933. This road has an uneven surface and only one vehicle can pass at a time, that too with some difficulty. Your 4WD faces deep holes, uneven cambers and loose surfaces in this section—maybe. Trail conditions are alway changing.
It does not get much better as you reach the bottom. There is water all around and it makes the trail even more difficult. If you choose to do this trail in October, soon after it reopens, the challenge is greater. There is no one to maintain this track except the passing trail users.
When you do finally reach the bottom, the ground turns sandy crossing Tule Canyon and entering main Coyote Canyon.  Also, you may be unable to choose the correct path as the terrain alters after the rains, especially the Fig Tree Valley to Baily's Cabin.  Other trails off Upper Coyote Canyon are Alder Canyon and Horse Canyon trails.  Horse Canyon is more challenging and may test your rigs and skill on some of the tough obstacles.

Upper Coyote Canyon.jpg